Sunday, 15 August 2010


I'M SORRY! I know(times a hundred) that I am a really bad blogger, and am lucky to even have the few followers I have. (cheers to you guys! Please tell your friends!) So, I declare. That this blog will get better. It will have book reviews, poems I've wrote,more ramblings,what's in my bag,what's in my school bag, things that scare me, happy heart day monday, tags,Q&A's, whatever you can think of, I'll try. And if you could suggest to me what you'd like, please please please leave me a comment! So, in order for you guys to get all the loveliness that is Clodagh (Or Harly Ryker, as some know me. Hi to my skul man friends!) I need more followers!

Peace love and cupcakes!
stay weird! Stay true! Stay you!


  1. Hey Clodagh! I can't wait to read some of your blogs. Don't worry if you can't write in it every day. Life can get pretty crazy. You have a beautiful name, by the way. How do you say it? :)