Thursday, 31 December 2009


Hey, peoples!! Firstly, I would like to apologise, because I haven't been posting. But I have been a nerd, studying for my xmas tests, which I aced. Then I was busy being awesome and having fun, then I was busy being an elf, then I was busy using my nic-naks. So ha. Anyway, I'm gonna tell you about the books I have been reading. I re-read Twilight,New moon,Eclipse and Breaking dawn, which I love. I'm a big, vampire lover. They're good books, but not my favourite. I'm sure you all know what they're about. Ha, I got a Mrs Taylor Launter t-shirt for xmas, and a "who's afraid of the big bad wolf ?" t-shirt, with a picture of Jacob on it. For all you Twitards out there like me, I am not team Edward, or team Jacob. I am TEAM SETH. I'll tell you about other books some other time. So......HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! I hope you all have a great 2010.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Finished Evermore.

Ok, I finished EVERMORE. It.Was.Brilliant. Seriously, I can't wait until march, when the next book in the series is coming out, BLUEMOON. There will be six in the series and then Ever's dead little sister Riley will have her own series too, all said by the author, Alyson Noel. Also, I love the book SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater. It rocks really hard, and it is about a werewolf Sam, and a girl Grace. I'll leave out the detales so you feel like you have to read it and you will join in the club. There isn't actually a club as far as I know. So the second book in that series LINGER will be out the 20th June. YAY!! And I also love,love,love,love the Skulduggery Pleasant series by the Irish author Derek Landy. It is about talking skeltons and magic. READ IT!!!!! The fourth book in that series is coming out in April. Well, my Aunt is home from England.It's nice having her over. We're going out to my other aunt's house for dinner and a yack. As you can tell, I LOVE yacking. Well, see ya.
peace,love and icecream,

Friday, 27 November 2009


Okay, this is my second post today, but I'd like to tell you all about the book I'm reading. I'm reading a book called EVERMORE. I personally love it so far. I'd advise you all to read it if you, like me, love supernatural books. Bye again.
peace,love and icecream,

More random.

Hey everyone.
Well, it wasn't very eventful today. Except that in French, Katie,Vicky and Evan had to get out early for trampelining. So then Ruari, Luke and Oliver decided they had to go too. Even though they didn't. So when it came to ten minutes past three, over half the class went when they didn't need to, and there were six of us roaring and laughing, and a clueless french teacher. Stupid french teacher. It was VERY funny. Also, we have to present a speech in English on our hobbies. I'll do mine on Photography. Bye for now.
peace, love and icecream,

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Random. YAY!!!!

Hey everyone, Coda here. If you haven't realised this, I ramble. SHOCK!!! So thank you if you keep coming back for more. Now, I got told to shutup today. It wasn't very nice, but it didn't effect me. And obviously, I didn't shutup. He was annoying anyway. And I teased Oliver about being parannoid, which he denied. Then I said I seen a grey hair, he went mental. Him and his hair. It was also my friend Lousie's b-day. So a shout out to Lousie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I was working today. My mum works part-time in a shop that only needs one person working there, it's small. So I help out and work while my mum is working. Sometimes I get paid, so yay. Anyway. It was really a normal day,not much to say. My christmas exams are next week, and all we do in class is revise. I revised, about THREE AND A HALF HOURS.,fun. Well, bye.
Peace,love and icecream,

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

First day back at school after being sick.

Hello, everyone!!
It's Clodagh here.Well, considering no one else works at this blog, it wouldn't be my imaginary friend now, would it? Anywho, back to the subject. So it was my first day back at school. I got roughly about, oh,THREE HOURS SLEEP LAST NIGHT.I can never sleep these days, God knows why. So,if God IS reading this blog and you DO know why I can't sleep at night, it would be much appeceated if you could be able to let me sleep. So I was very tired, annoyed and sad. So in the end I had an asthma attack, 15 minutes before I had to go to school. And I still had to go to school. That was ok, considering I was attack as soon as I walked in the lunch hall where all my friends were. But that was ok. I surrived the day. Now, to tell you all that Clodagh Alesha Catherine Gribben is a slightly ong name, but it's one letter compared to some of my friends names. Roisin Teresa Terese Do-Nelly. and Ellen-May Boyle McAree. and Rebbecca-Janye McKillen. They are LONG names. So anyway. You can call me Coda. There is a story behind that which I will now bore you with. So haha to YOU. So, much to my annoyance, in Primary school everyone call me Clodaghbear due to the fact I had an obsession with bears. This went on for years, then the movie BROTHER BEAR came out with Coda in it. One day I snapped and said they should just call me Coda instead. So they did, and the nickname has stuck to this day. My friends have petnames too, Kitty cat, Kiwi, Vicky-boo-boo, etc. Anyway, please bear with me until I can drag my cousin Ryan round here to show me how to put pictures here. So, Bye for now,
Peace,Love and icecream,

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A day in the life of moi!

Hey peoples!

It's Clodagh here. Forgot to mention in my first post, I have a stardoll,hippychick09, and a twitter account, FallingAngel_97. My twitter account, I will admit, is not great. My stardoll account is my baby. I love it. I'm addicted to stardoll. So um, here goes my rambling. I will be rambling alot mind you, so like it or lump it. I was NOT in school for the past two days, because:
a. I had an asthma attack.Yes, I have asthma.
b. After the asthma attack, I developed a cold.
c.I took a holiday in the Carribean.
Ok, so the third one wasn't true. I was stuck in the house. And happily so. Sadly, I WILL be in school tomorrow, due to the fact that my Christmas Exams are next week.Fun. So, I have to go now. I will ramble more tomorrow,
Peace,Love and icecream,

Monday, 23 November 2009


Hi out there. Obvisously, lots of you aren't going to know me, cuz duh. As you can tell, I'm Clodagh. I live in Ireland. I look through blueish greenish greyish eyes. I brush long,wavy copper hair. I live with my mum Carol that is a receptionist, my dad Darren that is a disability officer, and my Nana Agnes that is an old lady. I'm 12 years young, and slightly annoyed with that fact. I'm not famous, not really anything special about moi. But still, I'll hope you'll find my ramblings sort of decent and slightly amusing. We can all have dreams, right? Well, you may be wondering why I made this blog. True is, I have an opinion. I matter. I like being listened too. But does a 12 year old from a small town in Ireland really get listened to? No, I tell you. No I do not. But I just hope that at least one of my rants, and I'll tell you that some will be of some sort of unfairness in the world, will be listened to by someone with power. So if you're like me, want to help the world and have something to say, you may know someone that has that power. Tell them to read my blog, our blog,the people's blog. Maybe it might pull on their heart strings. Maybe they'll help. And maybe they won't do a damn thing. But we will fight it, we WILL be heard. Just don't go around killing world leaders or bombing the white house or something like that. Then I'll just have to get the police on your butt.

Peace,Love and icecream,