Monday, 23 November 2009


Hi out there. Obvisously, lots of you aren't going to know me, cuz duh. As you can tell, I'm Clodagh. I live in Ireland. I look through blueish greenish greyish eyes. I brush long,wavy copper hair. I live with my mum Carol that is a receptionist, my dad Darren that is a disability officer, and my Nana Agnes that is an old lady. I'm 12 years young, and slightly annoyed with that fact. I'm not famous, not really anything special about moi. But still, I'll hope you'll find my ramblings sort of decent and slightly amusing. We can all have dreams, right? Well, you may be wondering why I made this blog. True is, I have an opinion. I matter. I like being listened too. But does a 12 year old from a small town in Ireland really get listened to? No, I tell you. No I do not. But I just hope that at least one of my rants, and I'll tell you that some will be of some sort of unfairness in the world, will be listened to by someone with power. So if you're like me, want to help the world and have something to say, you may know someone that has that power. Tell them to read my blog, our blog,the people's blog. Maybe it might pull on their heart strings. Maybe they'll help. And maybe they won't do a damn thing. But we will fight it, we WILL be heard. Just don't go around killing world leaders or bombing the white house or something like that. Then I'll just have to get the police on your butt.

Peace,Love and icecream,

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