Thursday, 26 November 2009

Random. YAY!!!!

Hey everyone, Coda here. If you haven't realised this, I ramble. SHOCK!!! So thank you if you keep coming back for more. Now, I got told to shutup today. It wasn't very nice, but it didn't effect me. And obviously, I didn't shutup. He was annoying anyway. And I teased Oliver about being parannoid, which he denied. Then I said I seen a grey hair, he went mental. Him and his hair. It was also my friend Lousie's b-day. So a shout out to Lousie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I was working today. My mum works part-time in a shop that only needs one person working there, it's small. So I help out and work while my mum is working. Sometimes I get paid, so yay. Anyway. It was really a normal day,not much to say. My christmas exams are next week, and all we do in class is revise. I revised, about THREE AND A HALF HOURS.,fun. Well, bye.
Peace,love and icecream,

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